Pseudo-Sunkissed with COOLA

What better way to close Skin Cancer Awareness Month than share a product that can make you pseudo-sunkissed?

Being a fair, freckled sun worshipper, I have beat up my skin a lot. I have the deepest regret of the backyard sessions with the baby oil and a Seventeen magazine. That early 2000 teenage starter kit should have come with a copay for a skin biopsy and 200 units of Botox.

It is no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with COOLA Suncare as they have taken over my entire beauty and sun safety regimen. Their Rōsilliance BB+ Cream is the first step to my morning mug painting to moisture, conceal and get an armor of SPF 30 on my face.

To glow up your beauty routine, COOLA now has a line of Sunless Tanning products that “Firm, tan and tone!” Yes, I said firming, with the help of caffeine extract to tighten up. It is like real life Photoshop! I was provided their Sunless Tan Firming Lotion and Organic Sunless Tan Sculpting Mousse.

You may have cursed sunless tanner in your previous life because it gave you tiger stripes. It was likely user error and prep is key in self-tanning. Step 1 is to shave and exfoliate first, I love using Florida Salt Scrubs since it takes off my dead skin and makes me smell tropical with their Coconut Mango scent which blends well with the Piña Colada scent of COOLA’s sunless line. I cannot make a super cool sunless tanning tutorial video because you got get in the buff to apply. There’s no way around this, if you’re wearing any garments you’ll maybe stain your clothes, or give yourself a sunless tanline.

If you are a novice to self-tanning, I highly recommend the Firming lotion since it has less depth, and you can dilute it with a regular moisturizer and slowly build your tan. I personally love to mix it with a grapefruit scented lotion, and apply it daily. It keeps my bronze fresh, and reduces missed spots and streaks.

If you have skills in sunless tanning, then the sculpting mousse will suit you and provides a deeper color with less applications needed. Apply it with the COOLA exfoliating applicator glove. The best method of attack is to apply a thin layer concentrating on one body part at a time, dry, then repeat the entire process all over the body. When applying two thin layers, you are much less likely to miss the same area twice.

The best part, aside from feeling like a beach goddess during these gloomy South Florida summer days, is the ingredients in COOLA’s products. All products are non-GMO, cruelty free and Eco Cert Cosmos Organic Certified.

Bronze on, my friends! And as always, live global and stay local.

Much Credit due:

Thanks to COOLA for their amazing products and letting me try them out!

Florida Salt Scrubs for making me smooth and smelling like tropical drink. To shop use code AMANDA15 for 15% off.