Active Wear for Waterwomen

When it comes to yoga pants, I consider myself a connoisseur. I spend a good portion of my life in yoga pants, to the point where my neighbors look at me strangely when they see me wearing “actual clothes.” I’m a lycra loving fool, but as I have been expeditiously discovering the environmental impacts of everything I do in life, I found that my ever-loving stretchy pants can come with a cost. Primarily, the production of plastic fibers that compose my favorite fabric.

When I was searching Instagram for a local active wear company, I was ever so stoked to find MG Surfline. The company was started by two dope waterwomen, Alex, a Colombian first place paddleboarder, and Melissa a Costa Rican marine biologist and kiteboarding champion. The two ladies brought their passion for the ocean to South Florida, and MG Surfline was born.

Not only does the brand originate out of my neighborhood, but their high quality active wear is made from recycled plastic bottles. The website will tell you precisely how many bottles were reused. My set of the Esterillos crop legging and Marabella sport top upcycled 25 bottles. The fabric is flexible and quick dry, perfect for paddling, surfing or snorkeling.

I took my MG Surfline set for a coast in Riverbend Park, in its place of origin: Jupiter. You can read all about in my blog post on Discover The Palm Beaches.

Much Credit Due To:

MG Surfline Thanks for your passion for the ocean, mission to create a sustainable product and for the set to make me a mermaid. The only thing my set is missing is gills!