Pack Perfect for Paradise

Overpacking for vacation is a terrible habit that I have because I am a woman that likes to have her options. I put myself on a mission to create the perfect styling guide to pack for the Florida weekend escape, so I could pack light but still have some style choices. I admittedly have a lot of wardrobe changes on trips since I do a variety of activities. My Islamorada Trip over New Years Eve was my first challenge to be minimal and “Pack Perfect for Paradise.”

The first key to pack perfect is organization. I bought packing cubes from Amazon which are great to organize your suitcase on a Marie Kondo level. You can designate one packing cube for the dirty laundry from your trip, so they don’t mix with unworn clothes. I also pulled every zip pouch out of my drawers to organize my toiletries, hair care, make up and accessories. If you don’t have a hoard of zip pouches, Stoney Clover makes customizable travel bags.

The second key to pack perfect is restyling. I created a list of staples where I could create multiple outfits for the activities I planned for my Florida Keys getaway. I partnered with Bunulu, the ultimate boutique for resort and beach wear, to get some new threads for my trip.

The Essentials to Pack

A Printed Set

Bunulu Pick: Lost + Wander, Aloha Lei Crop Top $58 + Pants ($68)

I once thought a matching set would be too much of a statement, where you wear it once and it’s a smash but never wear again. Now that I’ve been remixing my sets, I decided they are a long-term style staple. To pack for a trip, you can really use any type of printing set whether it’s skirt, pant or shorts. I opted for pants, since our trip was in late December and the evenings could get chilly. I wore the set to dinner at Ciao Hound, then the next day paired the crop top with jean shorts to shop at Robbie’s Marina. I still had another option of pairing the pants with another top.

One Piece Swimsuit

Bunulu Pick: We Wore What, Danielle One-Piece in Powder Blue ($225)

My proudest beach style hack is wearing a one-piece bathing suit as a body suit with jeans or a skirt. It allows you to go from boat to bar quickly without needing an entire wardrobe refresh. The suit I got from Bunulu was pricy, however life is too short for cheap bikinis! I think the quality always trumps the sticker shock. Once I tried on the Danielle One-Piece, I knew it was secure for water activities and the style was made for my curves. I wore the suit with a flowy skirt for breakfast and shopping at Post-Card Inn, then slipped it off to go Stand Up Paddling in the afternoon.

A Flowy Boho Skirty

Bunulu Pick: Beach Gold Bali, Lynx Wendy Skirt in Desert $140

I am a huge fan of the flowy skirt in tropical conditions and Beach Gold Bali is my new chosen brand for resort wear. They are a sustainable fashion brand with pieces that feature batik printed fabrics made in Bali. They also donate 1% to the cause of empowering underprivileged females. The skirt was comfortable, cool, versatile in styling and straight up adorable. I wore this over my swimwear, then restyled it the next day with a black crop top for lunch at Morada Bay and a tasting at the Florida Keys Brewing Company.

Neutral Tank Tops and Tees

Hanging in my closet: Free People, Black Tied Crop & Lulu Lemon, White Racerback tank

These I could easily pair with the printed pieces along with jeans since I chose neutral colors. If you don’t want to go straight black or white, you can choose nude, blush, or the not so obvious neutral of a pale aqua (trust me, it pairs with every color well).

All the Denim

Bunulu Pick: Amuse Society, Shoreline Short ($54) & Show Me Your Mumu, Cropped Farah Trouser ($148)

For a tropical destination, usually I only pack shorts. However, the Mumu Cropped Farah trousers are a perfect “Florida jean.” They are light-weight and the cropped length allows you to tip your toes in the ocean without getting soggy bottoms. For a jacket option, I always bring denim since it is light and easy to style.

Other items from my closet I packed a cocktail dress for a fancy night out, bikini and athleisure set. To accessorize I brought two hats, a pair of espadrille heels and basic neutral flats. Over the course of our 4 days, I honestly did not wear all the outfit options which I counted to be 14 possible outfits. Now that I put my Pack for Paradise List to the test, it is going to be my guide for every weekend beach escape. I have made a packing and styling guide for you below as you plan your next Florida Weekender.