Care for Your Kini

Bikini Season never ends in Florida, and I live by the mantra “Life is too short for cheap bikinis.”

Since swimwear tends to be my Florida uniform, I usually opt for buying quality swimwear instead of cheap, fast-fashion bikinis. It is worth the price for luxury swimwear, I notice the difference in quality, construction and fit. Let’s face it, this is an item that you like to look good in while being half clothed, so spend the dough!

My ultimate source of “bikini caviar” is Bunulu at the Gardens Mall. I have been a #BunuluBabe and collaborated with them for a few years, however I have been a shopper since scored my first Mink Pink Bikini I got in 2015. I still have it in mint condition! Bunulu carries other beach luxe brands such as Maaji, Vitamin A, and that “feel good fit” by L*Space.

Since I have become a bikini snob, I want to extend their life for use and resale. The biggest step in preserving swimwear is cleaning and storing it properly. A great product to “Care for your Kini” is Molly’s Suds Swimwear Cleaner. Molly’s lives by the motto “Always safe for people and the planet.” They have been praised as having the best laundry products by tough chemical critic, The Food Babe. Molly’s Suds is devoted to creating a non-toxic product that is ocean-friendly, vegan and Leaping Bunny Certified. Molly’s has an array of #safesuds that I love for my house hold needs.

As an ocean lover, the tide is changing in my laundry room after researching the chemicals in standard detergents. Common household detergents contain 35%-75% phosphates that go into our oceans, which can attribute to algae blooms and harms marine life. Florida has suffered enough from red and blue-green algae, so switching to an eco-friendly product is my Floridian duty. As a cherry on top to being ocean-friendly, Molly’s Suds is Florida-made locally in St. Petersburg.

How to Care for Your Kini

To Clean Your Kini, first scrub down your bathroom sink. I use a sponge with Molly’s Sink Scrub, the beach scent makes cleaning toothpaste goop feel more like vacation. Fill up the clean sink with cool water then swirl in 1 squirt of the Swim Cleaner. Make sure all of the knots and ties are removed from your bikini tops then swirl and soak for 20 minutes. It’s a great opportunity to do an organic sheet mask while you wait patiently. Next, remove your ‘kini and gently shake out water but do not wring it out!

To Dry Your Kini, lay your it flat on a fresh towel, roll it up like a burrito then “squeeze it like you mean it.” Unroll the towel and let it lie flat to let it fully dry. It’s actually not best to let it dry in the bathroom since it tends to get humid from the shower, which can leave behind a mildew smell. I usually lay on a dresser.

To Store Your Kini, you want to make sure you store it in a cool, dry. Plastic storage, like zip-locks and bins, is the swimwear enemy since it traps moisture. Storing your swimwear flat in a wicker basket lined with canvas prevents mildew and microbial growth allows airflow. Laying a dryer sheet between your swim pieces will also help keep them dry. I prefer to use Seventh Generation unscented dryer sheets with drops of essential oil. Doterra’s Citrus Bliss blend will give your make your swimwear smell like a tropical breeze, and contains Grapefruit and Bergamot to repel moths.

Follow these steps, and your swimwear will be looking fresh for many vacation getaways, or in the case of Floridians, for every Saturday!


Thanks to Molly’s Suds and Vitacost for providing me their products for review.

Gracias to Bunulu for providing me the beautiful L*Space Bikini. Style specs: Ribbed Frenchi Bikini bottom in Siesta Palm + Turner Bikini Top in Tangerine.

You can shop all products to Care for Your Kini on The Flohemian Amazon Storefront, or referral links where I do make a commission for sales.