5 Spots for Sweets in the Sunshine State

As I live a FLOmadic life, I am seeking the best desserts and treats with flavor that is unique to Florida. I was once told that calories do not count on vacation, and although the statement defies logic, I roll with it. I have created a roundup of the “5 Best Spots for Sweets in the Sunshine State” that I have found to date.

5. Grimaldi’s Candies

3006 Rockledge Blvd, Rockledge; https://grimaldicandies.com/

For over 40 years, Grimaldi’s has been making candies to sweeten the Space Coast. They have a location in Downtown Melbourne, but the location in Rockledge is where the magic happens. The staff is friendly to let you take a quick peak at the behind the scenes operations. I discovered this place by suggestion of a bartender, saying that his grandparents would sent him a box of Grimaldi’s to his home in New Jersey every winder when they visited Melbourne. If you are not local to the area, you can have Grimaldi’s delivered to your home by joining their chocolate club.

Best in FLOvor: Chocolate Covered Potato Chips, a ruffled potato chip dipped in your choice of milk or dark chocolate. They also sell a box of half dipped and half plain chips will make you happier than a seagull with a french fry.

4. Robert is Here Fruit Stand

19200 SW 344th Street, Homestead; https://www.robertishere.com/

Much beyond a place to get a sweet treat, is a longstanding family owned and operated farm fruit stand that was started over 60 years ago. It all started 6-year-old Robert stood on the side of the highway in 1959 selling cucumbers with a sign reading, “Robert is Here.” Today it also is the ultimate roadside stop on the the way to the Keys or while crossing South Florida. They sell a variety of jams, jellies, sauces, nuts, candies and even have a honey tasting bar. Their fresh fruit milkshakes is what puts them on the map. The staff cuts fresh fruit every morning to serve over 500 milkshakes daily. You can enjoy your treat while visiting the petting zoo out back or letting your kids play in their splash par.

Best in FLOvor: Strawberry Mamey Milkshake, I first had this maybe 10 years ago because I was told it was Robert’s favorite. The Mamey Sapote is a tropical fruit native to Cuba and South America which Robert describes it as a strawberry-pumpkin cheesecake flavor. I feel like it’s a cross between a mango and avocado, but either way, this milkshake is fresh and extraordinary.

3. The Bubble Room

15001 Captiva Drive, Captiva; https://www.bubbleroomrestaurant.com/home

I found this spot by suggestion from an InstaFriend when I asked for rainy day suggestions in Sanibel-Captiva. This eclectic eatery draws on Christmas as its inspiration for décor, which translates into a delightful drink and dessert menu to make any day feel like a celebration. The technicolor three story building with rainbow bridges welcomes in guests to indulge in their famous homemade cakes. While dining, you could be seated in a train car, while surrounded by turn of the 20th century toys and kitsch. What makes this spot namesake is its cake, and they even have a souvenir t-shirt dedicated to its 10 flavors of cakes and pies. If you really feel like being a glutton, top it off with one of their sweet cocktail concoctions.

Best in FLOvor: Orange Crunch Cake, a yellow cake baked with real Florida orange juice with layers of crunch made out of almonds, graham cracker crumbs and brown sugar. The confection is slathered with orange cream cheese frosting. It is rich but delicious, pieces are enormous where you can split with someone or save for multiple servings.

2. Cousteau’s Waffle & Milkshake Bar

15 Hypolita Street, St. Augustine; http://www.wafflemilk.com/

Every blogger that has stepped foot in St. Augustine will rave about The Hyppo. Albeit, those popsicles are delicious, however, taking the cake, or waffle in this case, in the Ancient City for me is Cousteau’s. This eatery makes homemade milkshakes and dessert waffles. I have been frequenting Cousteau’s since 2012 when I found it while looking for The Hyppo. It is a small historic storefront which often has a line snaking out the front door. It has a Scubanaut theme, named after the famous underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau, and draws major inspiration from the Bill Murray cult classic, “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.” If you’re a fan of the film, you will chuckle over menu items like “Unpaid Intern” and “Papa Steve.” In fact, if you wear a red beanie like Stevsie you get a 10% discount.

Best in FLOvor: Life on Mars, a fluffy Belgian waffle topped with coconut ice cream, espresso whipped cream, mocha drizzle and toasted coconut. If you love somebody enough to share, you will both be satisfied.

1. Monkey bread factory

1200 5th Avenue South, Napes (Tin City); https://monkeybreadfactory.com/

This spot was a serendipitous discovery while searching for a coffee bar in Naples last year. It was so much more than coffee, it is an actual treasure trove of tasty treats located inside historic Tin City. The MonKey Bread factory has small monkey bread bunt cakes in flavors like banana bread, key lime and maple bacon. They also serve fudge and chocolate covered fruits, but the scrumptious treat that I tell everyone about is the Island Gold. It is toffee puffed corn drizzled with flavored chocolate, similar to caramel corn but without the kernels getting stuck in your teeth. It is reminiscent of Corn Pops cereal, but with a homemade touch and all real ingredients.

Best in FLOvor: The Sunshine Assortment of Island Gold includes 3 bags of tropical flavors: coconut, orange and my preference key lime. I will warn you, it is addicting but they luckily can ship to your house after you leave the Paradise Coast.

Have a Sunshine State Sweet that you think I will crave, too? DM me on Instagram and give me a tip for a treat. This list is by no means complete! You can see my list of Sunshine State Sweets in Google Maps.

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    Cheryl Mizell
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    I highly recommend Bubble Room’s Red Velvet Cake too.

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