Saving Face at Bella Reina

I turned 32 a week ago, and as I work my way well into my third decade I’m trying to fight off the aging process in the most graceful ways. I’ve been trying to save face as my mug has some battle wounds from my sun worshiping Florida lifestyle. On my birthday, I was treated to the Luxe Red Zen Facial courtesy of Bella Reina, a local and darling Delray spa.
When I find a business I’m starting to love on, I often ask the staff how long they have been there.  I’ve drawn the conclusion that most of these business that have a loyal clientele always hold a loyal staff. Bella Reina proved my theory correct, the briefest tenure shared with me was 3 years. I was astounded as some said “I started my career with Nancy [the owner], so I think 7 years now.” When I asked the Bella Reina staff what made them stay so long, they all had similar responses on Nancy provides them education on their craft which makes them feel valued. If that does not make your heart happy to give them business, then hearing the details of their products will.
The intention that Nancy puts into her staff is paralleled by the conscious selection of products. Nancy selects products that are natural and vegan, and provides a selection of private label vegan makeup for sale. She has all the tools to make you feel like the “Beautiful Queen” as the name intends.

One of the premier product lines at Bella Reina is Jurlique, a farm to face brand reigning from South Australia. If you aren’t familiar with the Land Down Under, their beauty products are sourced from the therapeutic plants that harbor their notorious animals. The Luxe Red Zen Facial featured Jurlique’s products with red clover extract, which has a synergistic effect with hyraluronic acid to restore youthful skin.

The facial treatment included dermaplaning and Japanese acupressure, my first time getting both of these procedures. Both treatments removed my blonde peach fuzz and made my pores microscopic. A week later and my skin is still glowing and I look like 2009 Mandy (minus the pompous 22 year old attitude).
If you cannot make the time to book yourself some self love, I urge you to pop in the door and get the Facial in a Box. They have an amazing 24K gold mask, that will not only make you look like a Star Wars character for 30 minutes (which is fun), but will make your face as smooth as John Legend’s voice. I also recommend Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing mist, it got props in Vogue and it is like a breath mint for your face.

Below are the details of the Luxe Red Zen Facial:
90 Minutes | $279
Give an organic, luminous glow to those “sweet cheeks” with this luxe facial ritual featuring Jurlique Natural Skin Care
Comes with:
•   Holistic Nanotechnology with Dermaplaning
•   Organic Resurfacing Enzyme Peel
•   ZEN Nano Treatment with Japanese Acupressure
•   Triple Dose of Firming Actives with Red Clover and Tri-Peptide 5
•   Emollient Herbal Recovery Eye Treatment
•   Organic Lip Treatment
•   Relaxing Neck, Shoulder and Arm Massage with Lavender Body Oil
•   Warm Hand Hydration Treatment
•    Take Home Beauty Gifts
•    Served with “Dark Chocolate” Hot Cocoa & Chocolates

Much Credit Due:
To Nancy and Bella Reina Spa for always making me feel like a beautiful queen. Also to Mary, my adorable aesthetician that guided me toward some other products they carry which I love such as Biodroga. She also helped me pick out my concealer color, because I lack those girl skills of matching makeup to my skin tone. They should rename their concealer to “WOKE” because now I look less sleepy.