Bee Conscious with Nectar Sunglasses

I scored a pair of Nectar sunglasses, and aside from Nectar being a great brand with the mission to repopulate bees, it replaced a very shady product that I had been using. I hate to be a buzz kill, but I’m about to convince you to retire your Ray Bans and switch to The Sweet Life.

Living in the Sunshine State, I rock Ray Bans daily. My eyeballs have grown a dependency on my shades to dim the Florida sun. A friend actually called me out for them and supporting Luxottica, better known as the over-arching Italian monopoly of the eyeglass industry.

Luxottica is why half the population that need glasses cannot afford them. Luxottica owns 80% of the eyeglass industry, including Ray Bans, so they control the price of a rather cheap product. For further education, I suggest watching this Adam Ruins Everything video.

I started the quest looking for shades that were independent, American owned and lucky to find Nectar, that also had a pretty sweet cause.

On top of not stinging your wallet at a maximum $45 price-point, Nectar also donates a portion of the proceeds to The Bee Cause. This nonprofit educates children on endangered honey bee populations. Their grant program provides hive projects to classrooms to support student skills is science, engineering, and math. As a former teacher and forever earth warrior, Nectar’s mission got me buzzing over these frames.

Honey Bees are endangered due to several factors, notably the use of GMOs and single crop farming. Bees need a variety of vegetation to pollinate, similar to how we need a variety of nutrients to be healthy. The widespread use of pesticides decimated bee populations to a scary low degree. It is estimated that one-third of our food supply is dependent on bee pollination, while one-third of bee colonies were reported to be lost in 2017.

I’m a big bee advocate. Aside from them being adorable and pollinating flowers, I have been using local pollen and honey for allergy relief for about 10 years. Whenever I hear a sorry soul make a nasal congested whine about spring allergies, I share my prescription from Mother Nature. Every day I dose my coffee up with some local honey and throw some pollen granules into my smoothie. Bees save my sinuses, so I can do my part in saving them.

In addition to sunnies, Nectar sells apparel, beach towels and very cool technical glasses for your 9-5. My next set of specs will be their coding glasses, which reduces eye strain while blue light from a computer screen.

I have a great deal for you, Honey. If you shop Nectar with code “GlobalLocal” you get an additional 25% off. By shopping Nectar, not only are you supporting an American company, but you are also helping a keystone species in our environment and supporting education. That’s a product you can BEElieve in!

Much Credit Due:


To Nectar! They sent my sunglasses in a coconut scented box. My mailbox still smells like coconuts so getting bills feels more like vacation now.

To Bunulu for the O’Neill threads. Join me Thursday 3/15 4-7PM for their Vintage Aloha Party at at The Gardens Mall!

Also worn: Vakano Bracelets, Code “TheGlobalLocal” for 20% off, I’ll be blogging this brand next week! And always my favorite, Keshia Del Mar Jewelry, Code “GlobalLocal10” for 10%.